Robots of the wasteland

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Robots of the wasteland

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Protectron: Designed for the protection of offices and businesses, however they are also well known for the modular nature of their secondary programming. Other uses range from greeters and bartenders to even sexual partners, however the default RobCo personalities are Office helper, utility helper and vault helper. RobCo also developed public service models that were used across pre war america, they include subway steward, construction worker, medical responder, firefighter and law enforcement. They are equipped with dual hand lasers and a head laser, however some models had alternative setups such as the firefighter model which had a internal cryo gun, or law enforcement models equipped with shock generators and being capable of melee. Protectrons are fairly weak and are easily defeated, this is mainly due to their slow speed and weak weaponry. Commonly found in office buildings, but can also be found in charging stations across the wasteland, also can be found aimlessly wandering the wastes due to faulty programming or malfunctions.

Eyebot: Originally designed for media transmissions, however they are quite modular with the capability to be upgraded with tools and small arms as well as many other devices. Two different models actually exist, the original one was often known as the floating eye and it was an outdated model primarily used by the military. The other, far more common, model is the Eyebot that most think of when you say the name, most of these models were originally used by the enclave
for spreading propaganda, reconnaissance and surveillance. Similar to protectrons, eyebots have weak weapons, however eyebots are much faster and some, depending on the faction it belongs to, can call in reinforcements. Generally found wandering the wastes still playing what they were programmed to, some reprogrammed eyebots can be found with scavengers and in settlements, also the older model can be found in military installations while the newer one can be found in enclave bases.

Sentry bot: Designed as heavy duty security robots meant to fight in heavy firefights in wars, however they were also used as guards for military bases and some businesses. There exists two major models, the first and older model, is a bipedal mech that stands at about the height of a super mutant, the other model is a shorter one that sits on wheels and thus has much higher mobility than the older model. Highly dangerous, the exact weapon setup varies robot to robot, but the weapons often seen include miniguns, missile launchers and gatling lasers, also some models may have mortars built into their backs. They will enter a cooldown state after heavy fighting to make sure all systems are running correctly, this is the moment of opportunity if fighting one as their back opens up revealing the fusion cores. Found most often in old military bases and some businesses, however they can be found out in the wastes wandering.

Assaultron:  Front line combat robots used by the military, many have been reprogrammed or gained personalities. A sub model exists that is commonly called the dominator, compared to the normal model it has dual blades for arms and it has high stealth capabilities. Alongside sentry bots these are one of the most dangerous robots in the wastes, they are incredibly fast and highly aggressive, however their most dangerous feature is their head laser which can be charged up and fired causing devastating damage to anything in it's path. Also able to initiate a self destruct sequence after sustaining heavy damage, the blast is comparable to a mini nuke, they also are relentless and will crawl at their enemy if necessary. Found most often near military bases, however they often wander the wastes due to their high aggressiveness.
General Atomics

Mister handy: Originally designed by General Atomics, however the much rarer type 2 was codesigned with RobCo, they mainly function as utility robots. The only real differences between the models are the amount of arms with the type 2 have four compared to the type 1's three. They are moderately dangerous, equipped with a saw blade and a blow torch that can be used as a flamethrower, the best strategy is to get the outer chassis to fall off then attack the inner parts. Found across the wasteland, some can be found in pre war factories, others in businesses, and some can be found wandering the wastes. Only type 1's are in the great lakes region  as type 2 only got to New California due to the Great War. They speak with an english accent and usually in a polite tone, also some models are chrome and others are white, and some voices seem to have a more robotic tone to them then others.

Mister gutsy: A militarized version of the mister handy line of robots, commissioned shortly before the great war by the U.S military. Compared to mister handy, these robots are far more dedicated combat robot, they are equipped with plasma projectors and flamethrowers, however some have been documented with other weapons, also due to their hovering mechanisms they don't set off proximity mines. Found in military bases and near the wrecks of military convoys, can also be found reprogrammed and defending traders or as guards. Another difference between them and mister handy is that mister gutsy have a accent based on american drill sergeants, they also often spout anti communist remarks.

Miss nanny: These are essentially female versions of the mister handy robot and are thus very similar to them. They have no set equipment layout, but some have been seen with a built in laser gun and buzz saw. Found in nurseries and some other locations or wandering the wastes, compared to mister handy they have a white chassis. Some have been programmed with a french accent, though the accent is programmable and can be something else.

Robobrain: A secret project by the government with General Atomics help, technically cyborgs due to the fact that they contain a brain, however they are mostly robotic. Their weapon capabilities vary, but the general models either have manipulators able to use regular firearms, others have integrated laser guns. Many can be found in military facilities or high tech locations, yet due to their real brain some wander the wastes. Officially only chimpanzee brains were used, however unofficially some human brains were used, these most often were the brains of criminals making some robobrains unstable. Some have overridden their programming and have become suicidal.
Acme Corporation

Humanoid robot: There is only one of these robots still active as far as is known, they were originally the backbone of the Calculator's army. They are capable of using most forms of weaponry that humans are able to use, they also have blades attached to their elbows that they can use. The only active one left is HR 1205 and it is with the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, deactivated ones can be found in the southern parts of the region as the Calculator wasn't as active in this region. They had highly durable armor, however they were extremely vulnerable to EMP weapons. Some groups including the brotherhood have tried to reactivate some of the deactivated robots, but none have had any success.

Behemoth(Robot): These were the largest and most dangerous robots in the Calculators army, luckily these robots were fairly uncommon. Equipped with two dual miniguns attached to it's head that use 50 caliber rounds, they appear to be quite slow, however when they detect a hostile, they charge them and relentlessly follow them. All of the Calculators Behemoths were deactivated with its destruction, however some not affiliated with the calculator are still active and guard high security locations that were of great importance pre war. They have very heavy duty armor and devastating weapons, however they have very short firing range. The Brotherhood have searched for non Calculator behemoths in hopes of reprogramming one, however as with their efforts to reactivate humanoid robots, they have had no luck.
Unknown company

Loadlifter bot: Pre war these robots were used, as the name suggests, to lift heavy loads and move them around warehouses. However if pressed to violence they are able to use their forks to attack, however due to their treads they are quite slow. Found in pre war warehouses, often continually shifting empty pallets as per their programming. Some were reprogrammed by the Calculator and repurposed as combat robots in it's army, however all of these modified robots were deactivated.

Laser turret: Automated defense turrets that utilize laser weaponry to defend locations from threats, some have also been modified to shoot other projectiles. Equipped with a single barrel that fires lasers, it's able to raise and lower in place and often uses this as a form of cover. Usually found near the entrance or borders of pre war military installations and outposts, some have been located in locations that pre war were private property. Cannot fire while in cover which allows its target to reposition or escape, one was modified to fire rockets, and others have been seen modified with gatling lasers.

Automated turret: Another turret variation, these can be found mounted to either ceilings or floors and with either conventional ammo or lasers. Has a single barrel and either fire bullets or lasers, the ceiling mounted turrets can be outran due to them rotating, whereas the floor mounted model slowly follow their target. Found in either military installations or historical locations of value, some can be found on bridges or areas of historical value.

Auto doc: A device that is capable of most complex medical procedures, dispensing medical supplies, implementing implants and mitigating fatigue. Very rare and most working models are in the possession of better off individuals, others and non working models can be found in hospitals, high tech facilities and personal models of pre war individuals. Highly upgradable making old models capable of some functionality of later models, however older models may contain technology making maintenance difficult. There are nine models that were released to the public, the most common are the first,third and ninth models.

"John Henry Eden"
ZAX: Supercomputers developed by Vault-Tec, models that were developed after 2059 are capable of independent learning and can develop self-awareness. As they were developed by Vault-Tec they are mainly used in their facilities and some vaults, some are known to have been in research facilities. Probably the most well known example of these computers is the Raven rock computer that achieved self-awareness and dubbed itself "John Henry Eden", this is the infamous model that led the remnants of the Enclave encountered by the Washington D.C branch of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Cyberdog: Cybernetic dogs that pre war were utilized by the military and some large police departments, two variations exist, the more canine cyberhound, and the gun with a dog brain attached, k9000. The cyber hounds are depending on the model capable of using sonic barks as weapons alongside their regular armaments of claws and teeth, the k9000 requires a wielder to fully function and functions as essentially a regular gun. The cyber hounds can be found wandering the wastes or near military locations or police stations depending on models, k9000 are incredibly rare and only found in high tech locations. Capable of living far longer than regular dogs only requiring regular repairs, however the original brain may eventually suffer from neural degeneration requiring a replacement brain. Also appears to be capable of self repair or repair with only minor assistance, still capable of reproduction despite being comprised largely of mechanical parts.

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