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Humanoid Species

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Ghoul: Humans suffering from a mutation that has led them to become zombie like, through a lengthy process involving exposure to background radiation for extended periods of time they lose much of their skin, all or most of their hair and some facial features, such as noses, have rotted off. One of the other changes brought by ghoulification is an extended lifespan, ghouls can live to be over 200 years old, no one knows how old they can actually live. Ghouls face large amounts of discrimination, especially from humans, many don't differentiate between feral and non feral ghouls, this has lead to some ghouls developing hatred for humans. Due to the nature of their mutation, ghouls are naturally weaker than humans, however they are naturally more perceptive due to heightened senses. Ghouls are immune to most forms of radiation, some even are healed by low levels of background radiation, however more radiation can potentially make ghouls go feral. The transformation into a ghoul has in some cases been much quicker or even instantaneous, this results from exposure to high levels of radiation in singular doses. When the transformation fully takes effect, it appears to stop the aging process at the age of transformation.

Feral Ghoul: Ghouls who lack the higher reasoning capabilities of regular ghouls, this has turned them into savage, animalistic monsters. They are highly aggressive and will attack most things excluding other feral ghouls, they will feed on most forms of meat, including human flesh. Some individuals have hypothesized that ferals can survive on radiation alone, however whether this is true or not is unknown. They tend to hunt in packs and single feral ghouls are rare, often found in dark, cool areas such as underground locations, however this does not mean they fear light and they can be found hunting in broad daylight. They are attracted to radiation and would appear to be healed by it, because of this some mutated further into glowing ones. Despite their emancipated appearance, ferals can be quite quick and will lunge at their prey if close enough, ferals have been seen laying on the ground, whether this is a tactic for ambush or them simply resting isn't clear. They are so relentless that they will continue attacking their prey even if they lose their limbs, crawling if necessary, however they will die if the head is taken out. They have glowing yellow eyes that if shined on with a flashlight will glow slightly brighter and more vibrantly. They actually have no internal body heat and in winter can freeze solid, because of this normal ferals are rarer in winter and are more often found in sheltered areas. They can be visually fooled with masks made of feral ghoul skin, however if you get to close to them, they will sniff out the fact that the wearer isn't a feral ghoul and will attack.

Glowing one: Feral ghouls that absorb more radiation can become these creatures, they literally glow with radiation and emit excess radiation. By far their most dangerous ability is that they can release radiation at will which can heal other ghouls and harm non ghouls. Glowing ones are outsiders even among other ghouls, ferals have been seen attacking glowing ones, however others have been seen leading packs of ferals. Most glowing ones are feral, however examples of non feral glowing ones exist, but this is incredibly rare.

Frost ghoul: Feral ghouls that have adapted to the cold and are able to better survive it, this is because they retain their body heat. Compared to normal ferals frost ghouls are deathly pale, also for some reason their eyes glow blue rather than yellow. They appear to have more of their intellect intact as they can be observed wearing animal pelts and taking fur clothes from their dead prey.

Super Mutants:
Mariposa Strain:

Generation 1: The original super mutants made by the Master, however their army was devastated and the master killed by the vault dweller. Some stayed in the New California area, others left en mass. The gen 1 super mutants are seven to eight feet tall with green skin, compared to their east coast cousins these mutants aren't asexual, they lose secondary sexual characteristics and physically appear more masculine. These are the most intelligent of the super mutants because of the amount of care and selection the master put into making them. The least hostile of super mutants and thus the most likely to be found living alongside humans, this is not always the case and can vary based on the intelligence of the individual mutant. In the midwest a large portion of the masters army had come with the brotherhood detachment that would become the midwestern brotherhood in pursuit, the two were in conflict until they eventually united to fight the calculator. However only some remained with the brotherhood and some never even joined, those that aren't with the brotherhood are mainly just trying to survive.
Generation 2: The second generation of Mariposa super mutants, these were made on accident as the Enclave was excavating the remains of the Mariposa military base. They are physically identical to the first generation, the only difference between the two generations is the creators and that most gen two mutants are less intelligent due to them originally being wastelanders enslaved to work for the enclave and thus having more radiation than the gen one's did. This generation is less common in the midwest, but some occasionally wander in from the west.

Nightkin: Nightkin were the elite of the master's army, masters of stealth and the usage of stealth boys. Physically they are very similar to the first generation of super mutants, however they have a different skin color and are generally more intelligent, however the constant use of stealth boys has damaged them mentally to the point where many suffer from schizophrenia and are paranoid wrecks. Not as common in the midwest, most wandered in searching for stealth boys, others were with the mutant army and recently a group under the leadership of a nightkin called Davison has appeared also searching for stealth boys.


Human: The most common race, humans with even minor mutations are still considered human by most. Physical features can and almost always vary, the four races most common after the apocalypse are African american, Asian, Caucasian and Hispanic, however also present in this region is the Native american race. "Pure" humans are a rarity as the only true pure humans are vault dwellers, this has led to many vault dwellers being sought out for their genetic purity. Found anywhere across the wasteland, tend to be more common in more habitable areas, however some just wander the wastes trying to survive. With the apocalypse wiping the slate of most cultures clean, new cultures have arisen, this includes tribal and raider cultures. Although pre war racism would appear to be in the decline, it has resurged after the Great war, however in a different form, now racism is more centered on ghouls and super mutants instead of humans.
Psyker: Humans that through some means, such as FEV or radiation, have developed psychic powers of some sort. Generally they are exactly the same as humans with the only difference usually being their psychic powers. The most common abilities are foresight(able to see into the future) and mind control, however other abilities included the ability to summon creatures, however these could've just been highly convincing illusions. These abilities are incredibly rare with true psychic powers usually being limited to only a handful of people in an entire region.
Beastlord: The beastlords are a unique mutation of humans that were located in the midwest, they possessed the ability to control animals and insects. Physically they were the same as humans, however they possessed the previously mentioned mutation. In 2197 after the Midwestern bos foiled an attack on the town of Quincy they pressed onward to the beastlords lair and nearly wiped out the group and killed their leader, a man called Emperor Darr. The remaining beastlords went into hiding and either gave up the lifestyle or bid their time. They were a tribe that was cannibalistic and had fairly simple weapons, relying on their ability to control creatures to survive. A small group can be found in northern Wisconsin, they were pushed far north by Brotherhood forces and other factions. Generations born away from Mardin have started noticing a weakening of the animal control ability, because of this, they no longer can control large creatures such as Yao Guai and Deathclaws.

Cyborg: People who have been cybernetically altered in some way, can be as simple as replacement limbs to keeping a brain alive separate from it's body. Almost any humanoid can become a cyborg and the exact cybernetics and their nature vary, even the reason for the cybernetics being implemented vary, some needing them to survive, others just wanting an edge.

Dwarf: Dwarfs are humans that suffer from a genetic mutation which makes it where they are incredibly short. This mutation resulted from radiation, however aside from the shorter stature, dwarfs are regular humans.The mutation is fairly uncommon and most dwarfs are killed shortly after birth making finding one quite hard.

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