Seasons of the wasteland

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Seasons of the wasteland

Post by Wolfstorm on Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:13 am

Spring: The season most well known for the amount of renewal in nature, many animals give birth and nature starts regrowth from winter. Insects emerge from their winter shelters, mammals give birth to their young, Yao Guai emerge from hibernation and survivors most commonly plant crops during this season. Weather wise, this season commonly is rainy and snowfall is still possible, rad storms are possible in any season.  

Summer: The warmest part of the year, also sees the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, greater activity from the wildlife. The days are longer, the nights shorter, driest part of the year due to the heat, rivers and lakes tend to rise from rainfall. The weather is far more active during this part of the year, tornadoes and thunderstorms possible, however the most dangerous weather by far is the radnado.

Autumn/Fall: The season where everything in nature starts declining in preparation for winter, animals and humanoid races start the preparation to survive the harshness that is winter. Events that occur during this season include the leaves of trees changing colors and falling off, Mammals bulk up for winter, crops are harvested, furred animals grow thicker coats of fur to survive the winter and some bird species migrate south. The weather shows the beginnings of the harshness of winter, temperatures cool and later in the season snowfall is entirely possible.

Winter: The coldest season of year, the apocalypse has made this season even more dangerous than it was. One of the least active parts of the year as most people and animals are in shelter from the severe cold, however some things still do occur, this includes the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. The weather is incredibly harsh, the temperatures are consistently lower than 50 degrees, snowfall is very common and blizzards can occur. If one doesn't wear the proper protection they could die within an hour from overexposure or hypothermia.

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